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1. Fill in our quick, secure online application form

Using our service is simple – simply complete our secure 1 minute, no obligation application form. This form takes only necessary information that lenders need in order to provide you with an online short term loan offer. We have tried to make our form as simple as possible, but if you have any issues, please let us know.

Our form, as we with any loan application, has to ask for a small amount of personal information, in addition to details relating directly to the loan you require. This is essential in order for lenders to make a decision on your loan, and rest assured, all data is help securely, and in accordance with data protection laws.

The final option on our form is to opt in or out of future marketing. If you choose to opt in to hearing about exciting offers that we feel you’d be interested in, then you will be contacted, via email or SMS, no more often than once a week. If you opt out, then you will receive no communications from us whatsoever. Once you are happy with your answers, simply press the button, and you will be presented directly with a lender offer in no time at all.

2. Submit details for instant lender decision

So what happens during the decision-making process, once you’ve clicked apply? Well, that is where we take over the hard work. Our specialist system has been developed over several years, and pings your application straight to multiple lenders, in order to get accepted.

In seconds, we receive a thumbs up, or thumbs down from each lender. If it’s a thumbs down, we’ll simply move on the next lender, and repeat until you have a loan offer. The loan offer will result in your browser automatically redirecting you to the lender’s offer page.

In the event that your application is declined by our extensive panel of lenders, we may redirect you to an offer that we think could help. This is likely to be a high street lender, debt help solution, or credit repair option. Again, you may simply walk away from this proposal.

3. Receive your funds direct in your bank account

If you accept your loan offer from the accepted lender’s website, then it is possible to receive the funds on the same day as you applied. This varies from lender-to-lender though, and also on your bank’s procedures and transfer times. You should receive the funds in no more than 2-3 working days, but please check with your lender when this is expected.

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This example is for illustration purposes only. Customers who do not meet our normal criteria may be offered a different APR to our representative rate.